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Category: IntelliSense

Substitutions Support in tsconfig.tpl.json

After a while when you are working with the TwinCAT HMI 1.12 you will recognize that some special parts are added to the tsconfig.tpl.json, e.g. At any time when the file is changed, the supported substitutions are transferred into real values, e.g. $(Output).Path/ bin/ $(Beckhoff.TwinCAT.HMI.Framework).InstallPath/ C:/temp/TcHmiProject3/Packages/Beckhoff.TwinCAT.HMI.Framework.12.742.1/runtimes/native1.12-tchmi/ For convenience reasons the TwinCAT HMI team added IntelliSense support. In the moment, just the $(..).InstallPath substitutions are provided. Your own FrameworkControl Project NuGet packages are supported as well:…


Extend Visual Studio’s IntelliSense for TwinCAT HMI

VisualStudio 2017 TE2000-HMI-Engineering 1.10.*.* (Download) and future releases Sources of this post: GitHub Repository As you already know the TwinCAT HMI designer is a split view implementation. On one side a WYSIWYG-editor based on CEF (so-called Designer) is provided, on the other side the plain code editor of Visual Studio is usable to modify your HMI-implementation directly. To add new controls to your HMI you have multiple ways to reach your goal: use the Toolbox…

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