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Category: Package Management

TwinCAT HMI Automation Interface with C#

Recently I gave some insights how the TwinCAT HMI Automation Interface can be directly used in VisualStudio with the help of PowerShell [Link to Post]. And as you already know, TwinCAT itself can be completly controlled by use of an automation interface and enables one to create and manipulate TwinCAT XAE configurations via programming / scripting code [Link to Beckhoff, Link to Documentation (PDF)]. TwinCAT HMI provides similar entry points to create / manage HMI projects. The most…

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Substitutions Support in tsconfig.tpl.json

After a while when you are working with the TwinCAT HMI 1.12 you will recognize that some special parts are added to the tsconfig.tpl.json, e.g. At any time when the file is changed, the supported substitutions are transferred into real values, e.g. $(Output).Path/ bin/ $(Beckhoff.TwinCAT.HMI.Framework).InstallPath/ C:/temp/TcHmiProject3/Packages/Beckhoff.TwinCAT.HMI.Framework.12.742.1/runtimes/native1.12-tchmi/ For convenience reasons the TwinCAT HMI team added IntelliSense support. In the moment, just the $(..).InstallPath substitutions are provided. Your own FrameworkControl Project NuGet packages are supported as well:…


TwinCAT HMI NuGet Package Update Notifications

The support of the NuGet package management of the TwinCAT HMI 1.12 empowers you to add/remove/change any functionality you like on-demand, when you need or when do not need it anymore. Furthermore, it is allowed to switch between versions at any time, of course the packages must support the wide range of different interface versions of all the other used packages. During project load, the TwinCAT HMI checks for NuGet package updates and will inform…

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Understand “Included in Solution”-parameter for TwinCAT HMI’s NuGet References

The information in this post are usable with: VisualStudio 2017, 2019 If there is a project in a solution that can be transferred to an HMI NuGet package (e.g. TwinCAT HMI Framework Project), the “Included in Solution”-flag of the corresponding reference in an HMI-project can be used to automatically reinstall this NuGet package. The flag is provided in the PropertyPane of the respective NuGet reference in an HMI-project: In the screenshot above, the NuGet package…

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Share Icon Sets and Media Files for TwinCAT HMI with NuGet Package Management

VisualStudio 2017, 2019 TE2000-HMI-Engineering 1.12.*.* (Download) and future releases Do you have a large set of individual icon set you like share easily with other developer or customer? The TwinCAT HMI provides an easy way to fullfil this requirement by use of the powerful NuGet package management already available in Microsoft VisualStudio. You can add any content which is supported by the TwinCAT HMI Gallery Explorer, e.g. images (PNG, JPEG, Bitmap, etc.) and videos (MPEG4,…