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Default.tpl changes in 1.12

The Default.html which is generated during the build of an HMI project can be modified for your needs. In TE2000, version 1.10.x the Default.html was splitted into three parts:

  1. — STANDARD —
  2. — MASTER —
  3. — SLAVE —

The MASTER was the document template used for the WYSIWYG-editor. The SLAVE variant was used to generate the TwinCAT HMI Live-View part and the final Default.html variant used for publish was based on STANDARD.

New names in 1.12

In 1.12 the names changed and are unified.

— STANDARD — and — SLAVE —— LiveView_and_Build —
— MASTER —— Designer —
The 1.10 variant on the left-hand side, the 1.12 variant on the right-hand side.

The migration process of 1.10 to 1.12 manages that smoothly and after migration the relevant information are provided in the migration report.

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