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TwinCAT HMI NuGet Package Update Notifications

The support of the NuGet package management of the TwinCAT HMI 1.12 empowers you to add/remove/change any functionality you like on-demand, when you need or when do not need it anymore. Furthermore, it is allowed to switch between versions at any time, of course the packages must support the wide range of different interface versions of all the other used packages.

During project load, the TwinCAT HMI checks for NuGet package updates and will inform you directly within the VisualStudio where notifications are generally provided (as known as “Embedded infobar”, external Link to Microsoft). Indeed, only the packages which are used by the current project. Any TwinCAT HMI project will be checked (i.e. TwinCAT HMI Project and TwinCAT HMI Framework Project).

The solution contains two HMI projects. Each of it can be updated and the infobar provides some information of the available updates.

The updates process itself must be managed manually. The infobar is just for information, not for trigger any action. By a click on “Manage NuGet Packages…” the already known NuGet Management pane is opened. Check your individual source galleries and start your individual update.

Do not show again…

By clicking the “x” on the right-hand side of the infobar, next time during project load the update check will still be performed but the infobar will only raise again, when higher versions are available which are HIGHER as the ones are closed by the “x”. Let my explain by an example:

When the package PkgA in version 1.12.10 is used and a new version 1.12.20 is available in any source gallery, the infobar will be shown. By clicking “x” the package identifier and the current update version is remembered for ignoring at the next load. But when during project load, in future, the new version 1.12.50 becomes available, the infobar will be shown again.

The ignore list is stored in the VisualStudio’s Solution Use Options file (i.e. “.suo”, external link to Microsoft).

By removing that file all update information will be provided again.

Disable update check

If you do not need any automatically update checks, just disable that functionality globally in the VisualStudio settings:

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