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TwinCAT HMI 1.12 is released — a brief list of new features

The new TwinCAT HMI 1.12 software bundle is available on Beckhoff’s website.

In this post a handful of the features are listed, for a full list of all new features and improvements, please contact the Beckhoff-support or your local contributor.

VisualStudio 2019 Support

New TwinCAT HMI Templates

  • TwinCAT HMI Project
  • TwinCAT HMI Framework Project
  • TwinCAT HMI Framework Project Empty
  • TwinCAT HMI Server Extension (CSharp)
  • TwinCAT HMI Server Extension (CSharp / .NET Core)
  • TwinCAT HMI Server Extension Reflection (CSharp)

Nuget Package Management Support

PDF Viewer Control

Performance Improvements for several parts

Parallel loading of business logic/data, smarter handling of internal data structures, less internal refrehes of datatypes, and a lot of more speed-up for several guis, e.g.

Syntax Highlighting for Action & Condition Code

The syntax color can be changed:

Improved IntelliSense Support

TwinCAT HMI Server: Engineering settings setup per project

Several settings are moved to the project file. In 1.10 the setup was provided in VisualStudio’s dialog “Tools / Options…”. We moved it to the project properties page.

TypeScript Support

Added files are automatically added to the tsconfig.json file and will be compiled (based on the settings in the tsconfig) during development, at latest when build for the project is called.

Improved Error-Handling of the HTML-Editor

Multiselect Support in the Document Outline Pane

.NET Core 3.1 Support for Server Extensions and TC/BSD

The server extensions implemented with .NET Core 3.1 will run on TC/BSD !

TwinCAT HMI Server AutoUpdate during Publish

Publish Validation before any file is transfered

As you can see, before publish the target platform and target runtime environment is verified. In case of any missing software components the publish will be canceled. To force the publish, just disable (not necessarry to remove!) the mentioned server extensions and publish will work smoothly.

Open published HMI directly via ToolBar

Show all missing files…

Because of the fact the HMI is strongly a filesystem-based project type, it can happen that some files are accidentally removed phyiscally (e.g. wrong source control handling, not synched by external tools, etc.) Now, it is very easy to find that kind of files.

TwinCAT HMI Framework Project

The two new native project types allow to provide bundles of customer controls. In 1.10 any control required an individual project, right now, just a single project instance is necessarry.

Controls can be implemented with JavaScript or TypeScript.

Single-click Nuget package creation

The bundle can be used by the Nuget package management approach or directly by using a project reference.

Support of individual Toolbox-Categories

Check the “Manifest.json” of the Framework Control project.

The default values of the TwinCAT HMI are provided in the file “Metadata.Toolbox.json”, located in “C:\TwinCAT\Functions\TE2000-HMI-Engineering\Metadata”.

	"Beckhoff.TwinCAT.HMI": {
		"200": "System",
		"201": "Beckhoff",
		"202": "3rd party",
		"203":  "Legacy (1.10)"

RadioButton and CheckBox with Text Attribute

Support of TMC files for offline engineering

“ELSE IF”-Condition in Action and Condition editor

Full Automation Interface Support

The interface definitions are provided by a single TypeLib-Library provided in this folder: C:\TwinCAT\Functions\TE2000-HMI-Engineering\bin

Examples will follow in additional blog posts.

Live View with Authentification Simulation

Command to Logout any Live View-Client

New RecipeBrowserControl

Optional Preloading of Images based on link/preload API of modern browsers

CEF Engine 84

Full one-way migration of 1.10-projects to 1.12

1.10 packages will be migrated and provided as legacy packages. They are fully supported and loaded by the 1.12 hmi.

Attach to debug TwinCAT HMI Server Extension with just one click

Check the full blog post about this feature: Link

Share Icon Sets and Media Files for TwinCAT HMI with NuGet Package Management

Check the full blog post about this feature: Link


  1. BT BT

    Thank you very much for putting this together. This is greatly appreciated.

  2. John Doe John Doe


    We desperately need at least following possibilities:

    -Truncate and round settings in textbox/textblock
    – Possibility to use index number in user control, e.g array/struct should be possible to use in user control and only change index.
    -Button that works directly without making stupid events for every button. I guess it should work in state symbol, but it doesn’t.
    -Possibility to use struct in combobox.
    – Simple popup control.
    – 10 fold speed increase.

    Mostly Twincat HMI at it’s current stage is a steaming pile of…

    • Thanks for your feedback. It has been forwarded to the development team for further investigations.

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