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Month: April 2020

Attach to debug TwinCAT HMI Server Extension with just one click

VisualStudio 2017, 2019 TE2000-HMI-Engineering 1.12.*.* (Download) and future releases Sources of this post: GitHub Repository Very often you have to implement your own business-logic in a TwinCAT HMI Server Extension (link: Beckhoff). To debug that extension you have to attach to the process which has loaded and runs the corresponding functionality. In TwinCAT HMI 1.12 the running process to execute that server extension has changed. In the TwinCAT HMI version 1.10 the server extension was…


Resolve index-based symbol mappings easily

VisualStudio 2017, 2019 TE2000-HMI-Engineering >= 1.12.718.* (Download) Sources of this post: GitHub Repository Array-based access to TwinCAT HMI symbols can be tricky, but in the latest version (>= 1.12.718.0) some convience functionalities has been added to the Server API. Let’s have a look. The TwinCAT HMI Server API is provided in “C:\TwinCAT\Functions\TE2000-HMI-Engineering\Infrastructure\TcHmiServer\Latest”. Right now we are interested in “TcHmiSrvExtNet.Core.dll”. With JetBrains dotPeek we can discover the internals of the DLL. Check the namespace “TcHmiSrv.Core.Extensions”, four…

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